Legalization and Certification of Documents from 
Philippines Embassy in Washington DC

Required Documents:   The original document notarized from the notary public.

Procedure: 1. We will notarize the document and certify it from the court.
2. We will certify  the document from the Secretary of State.
3. We will authenticate the document from the Department of State.
4. We will legalize the document from the embassy of Philippines in Washington DC.

Approximate turn around time:   Three business days (does not include mailing time).

Charges and Payment methods:

Send company check or money order for $117.00 to the order of "US Legalization" This amount covers the following fees:

1. Our service fee . {$75.00}
2. Notary public and Circuit Court fee. {$5.00}
3. Secretary of State fee . {$5.00}
4. Department of State fee .  {$7.00}

$25.00 Embassy of Philippines fee.


Charges for additional documents:

Each additional document costs $77.00  
($35.00 service fee + $5.00 Notary Public  & Court certification fees + $5.00 Secretary of State fee + $7.00 Department of State fee + $25.00 Embassy of Philippines fee). 


If you are using  FedEx, DHL OR UPS

 Please send your documents to
US Legalization
972 Mt. Holly Dr. Annapolis MD 21409
We do not accept USPS Priority Mail. 
We accept regular mail, but we do not recommend or guarantee. 

US Legalization is not responsible for damaged, delayed or lost mail. 

If you need further assistance, you can contact us at: 1-888-999-3434 or (202) 347-5800  for instant assistance. 



Embassy of Philippines

is located at:
1600 Massachusetts Avenue,
NW 20036
Tel:(202) 467 9300
Fax:(202) 328 7614

*Disclaimer: This website was created by US Legalization to facilitate certifications of documents intended for use in Philippines. US Legalization is not affiliated with the Philippines Embassy in Washington DC.

You may visit the official site of the Embassy of Philippines in Washington DC at